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The Male To Male Community
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*The Male To Male Community*

This community was created by:
JohnnyBoysRiot and Evangel

MtM is maintained by JohnnyBoysRiot and Evangel

The purpose of this community is to connect others who are or feel Male IDed to Male IDed or Masculine IDed to Masculine IDed together and be acknowledged/heard. We understand that proper recognition of gender identity is very important.
You do NOT have to identify as MtM. Anyone can join and we welcome sufficant others, friends, family, supporters, inquirers, etc. Please be respectful of others identities and posts. Disrespect will not be tolerated. We want to keep this community as drama free as possible. Please *NEVER* argue anyone about their own personal identity ~ for that defeats the purpose of even joining this community in the first place. The heart of this community is believing that you do not have to identify as whatever you do NOT feel comfortable as or whatever anyone else thinks you should identify as. We all have the RIGHT to claim our own identities and for some, that is Male to Male!
If you fail to respect our guidelines you will be warned; if you continue to create problems you will be banned from this community. We would not like to see this happen so please help keep this community safe!

For more information on my formation of this identity, please read by published piece, ''Male to Male'' in the book ''From The Inside Out'' edited by Morty Diamond. - Johnny Giovanni Righini

What is the Male To Male (MtM):

I can only tell you what MtM means to me because of personal experience. I will never try to tell you that my definition of MtM is the only defintion out there. I encourage others to make their own definitions of things as well.
I started to identify as male-to-male, during a conversation I was having with my Mother regarding my gender identity. At the time, my Mom was under the impression that i was ftm transgender identified but that was a false impression. I started to speak liberally to her that i was never F and therefore the ftm identity would do me no justice. I pointed out to her that the gender she CHOOSE to raise me as was HER choice and that the gender i truely am, is not my choice... it's just who i am. I really need to express that i do NOT believe in birth sex. We are born as human beings. Gender is who we are and is not based on our genitilia!
I have evolved into the man that i am today through self discovery, honesty, strength and motivation. I am a part of this community for radical gender revolution and social change!

Society has tried to sucker people's minds into believing we have to fit ourselves into boxes. Screw gender roles, stereotypes, standards, negative labels and expectations! Be who you are no matter what anyone else thinks, make things happen, be heard, riot on and always remember labels don't make people...people make the labels:

This is for radical gender revolution!

Above quote by johnnyboysriot

The MtM community is:
*Hate/Discrimination Free

*Gender Positive Chat Room*

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