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The Male To Male Community
YOU ARE INVITED! All adult bisexual gay men & you curious straight guys - come join the bi guy fun! 
29th-Sep-2017 09:41 am

Hello from Mac and our Bi Men Network and our social fraternity Beta Mu:

Greetings! The 1/4 million bi and gay men of our Bi Men Network and the
8000 plus bi and gay men of our private online social fraternity want to
welcome you to come join us FREE. Enjoy Bi Men Network as millions
of men have online since 1998 at www.bimen.org and try our social networking
and down low man fun private site FREE for a full month free on us at Beta Mu
at www.betamusociety.org - we are here for you so stop wasting so much time
and energy on wasteful of time public sites and come to where the MEN are!

FOR BISEXUAL MEN RESOURCES for bi and bi-curious men visit:
MAC'S FRONT ROOM at: www.bimen.org/macsfrontroom.htm
MAC'S BACK ROOM at: www.bimen.org/macsbackroom.htm
FREE EROTIC Bi MEN STORIES: www.bimen.org/stories

We are here for you since 1998 online continuously at Bi MEN NETWORK,
and now also at our new online bi and gay men global social fraternity -
our BETA MU SOCIETY, and at Bi MEN USA at www.bimen.us, here for you!

Join us at Bi Men Network and Beta Mu Society. Our motto: "You are not alone!"

Big Hugs and Best Wishes,

Mac McCloud, Founder, Bi MEN NETWORK
www.bimen.org and our bi men social fraternity
BETA MU SOCIETY - www.betamusociety.org

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