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Colt's FTM Thesis Survey! Update 
4th-Mar-2009 08:04 pm
Hey guys,

Based on preliminary results from the first study (over 500 guys, y'all rock!), I am now running a modified version of this study which is also looking into childhood gendered experiences (still has IRB approval). The new study is hopefully also easier to navigate. The good news for you is that if you wanted to participate, but were unable to because I closed the survey, you can participate now.

Even if you already participated, but wanted to re-take it or elaborate on your answers and want to be included in the new dataset (and yet another prize drawing!) you may participate again! Your participation will enter you into the drawing for the grand prize of $250. The results will be presented in the poster session at WPATH (formerly the Harry Benjamin Society) this summer in Norway!


So basically, if you've already taken the survey last month, please re-take it...and if you never got around to taking it the first time around, please take it. Thanks guys!

Please send questions or comments directly to me: ftmresearch@gmail.com

cross posted everywhere, please pass this around to your FTM friends
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